Parents who lack common sense

I think honestly that having raised 4 pretty well behaved girls sours me to the fact that some people just don’t have the common sense to be parents. I think it’s hilarious to be unpacking jewelry and have some woman whose child is A) under 5 and B) running amok, chat on her cell phone and completely ignore the fact that her daughter ( who is very cute in her pretty sundress) is running back and forth from jewelry panel to jewelry panel, tugging on the necklaces, slamming them back and forth so they end up a tangled lump , all while drinking a Slurpee and squealing at the top of their lungs.
Later on, after you’ve continued your phone conversation and tried on 3 pairs of earrings ( leaving them on the counter where I can clean them and put them back on the card) and your daughter has spilled her Slurpee and wiped her hands on each and every piece of glass in the department, you take her little hand and continue on into the rest of the store, where she can wipe her snotty nose and sticky hands on clothing too!
Sorry for the sarcasm- no, I don’t work retail. I do merchandising and mystery shopping for a living, and 1 day a week I create jewelry and sunglasses displays at Target. I usually really like my jobs- until some parent who needs a knock in the head decided to come in and wreak havoc on my hard work.